Modern Module Kitchen: Make Your Cooking Fun

Many people love cooking. Cooking can be one of many fun activities that people love to do. You can do cooking together when your friends come to home, or you can do some experiments of new recipes by yourself. Therefore, having a kitchen which is comfort and fun is ...

1 year ago Monica Himmler

Interior Design

Adding Rustic Touch to Get Coziness

Rustic style is related to cozy and soft, and that is all we need in fall. If you have a space with another style, you do not need to redesign the whole interior, but you just need to add some rustic touches to your space. Today, I would like ...

1 year ago Emma Honigsberg


Modern Lounger Best Options for Modern Outdoor Spaces

Choosing and using just the right piece of furniture is important to maximize the function of any space. The fact that even tight spaces can be maximized just by picking the right items means that choosing the items to get is very important. Loungers are available in so many ...

1 year ago Genoveva Hamburger

Interior Design

Mid-Century Eclectic Loft in Modern Touch

Hello good friend! In this time, I would like to talk about a mid-century eclectic loft. This medieval eclectic loft is a wide open space where various periods of different furniture and art are played harmoniously. I know that some of you have been very curious to see it. ...

1 year ago Heine Grau


A Very Functional Vibrant Kitchen

A kitchen is an important part of a dwelling. Making a comfy and functional kitchen is a need because kitchen can be the first place we build our mood for the day. We start the day with making a meal or having breakfast, and it will define our mood. ...

1 year ago Albin Neuhaeuser


The Grey Kitchen Ideas

Neutral colors is become the most favorite color because it is timeless and can be mixed with another color that you like whether it is bold or bright. Beside black and white colors, grey is also one of the most favorite colors to be used in designing a space ...

2 years ago Emma Honigsberg

Interior Design

A Beautiful Farmhouse in Calm Scandinavian Décor

A powerful Scandinavian appeal can clearly be seen all over this gorgeous farmhouse in term of its décor. It is profoundly calming with the use of white in most of its parts. Yet there are some unique touches as well to accentuate the décor while also eliminating any possible ...

2 years ago Nick Lasch


Vintage Kitchen Décor with Rustic and Glam Accents

A kitchen can be a highly inviting place when decorated properly. Unfortunately, many homeowners did not pay attention to the decoration of their kitchen. It is considered to be the place that should be functional and practical so that its appeal is said to be less important. That idea ...

2 years ago Albin Neuhaeuser

Home Decor

Rocking Design of Elegant Drusa Lamps by Adriano Rachele

Modern décor demands unique items to elevate the décor further. Many designers alongside manufacturers have created decent items in the unique designs as possible to give more choices for homeowners. In respect to that matter, lighting fixtures are among the many items offered in unique design without compromising any ...

2 years ago Franziska Breslauer