Interior Design

Highly Functional Apartment in Modern Design and Geo Patterns

Modern style interior décor is closely associated with the function. Many items in modern style décor will be highly functional while also being as helpful as possible in enhancing the décor itself. Furthermore in dealing with modern decoration of any interior today, adding color splashes is an optional thing ...

1 year ago Ole Haselrieder

Interior Design

Delirium Collection of IKEA Get Refreshed for Better Look

IKEA is a highly popular brand of furniture items. There are many great options for items in many of its collections to choose for any interior space. Amidst the popularity of IKEA and its products, there will always be some creativity to get the better look of IKEA products. ...

1 year ago Adelar Moritz


Comfy, History and Modern Comes in the Patricius 1 Chair

Hello pals! Today I would like to talk about a piece of furniture which has a historical background. It is a chair from the golden age of the Roman Empire. Curious, aren’t you? During the time of the golden age of the Roman Empire, give more attention to the ...

1 year ago Regina Grothmann


Furniture And Lamps Designs of Flora Inspiration

For you who are looking for an item that can add floral and greenery touch to space, you come at the right time. In this time, I would like to share some cool items that you can grab for decoration. This is a MOOV lamp designed by Berlin-based Studio ...

1 year ago Gertrudis Eisenmann

Interior Design

Modern Waterfront House with Wonderful Views and Smart Privacy

Our earth is beautiful. It gives us so many wonderful views that can make us happy and release our stress. Having a house with so many beautiful views is everyone’s dream. Yet, we also need privacy in our house. Keeping the confidentiality of the house becomes a major challenge ...

1 year ago Heine Grau


Different Options for Chic Bedroom Sconce

Among many items that should be in any bedroom is a set of lighting fixtures. Well, it can be several pieces in a game or only one lighting fixture for the whole bedroom area. Either way, a wall sconce is amidst the available options to consider. The use of ...

1 year ago Adelmar Rommel

Interior Design

A Small Tree House Residence with just what it needs

A well-decorated tree house can be so beautiful as well as functional at the same moment. There have been lots of projects regarding tree house that turned out to be awesome at the end. A tree house can always be decorated and treated just the same as a normal ...

1 year ago Monica Himmler


Best Tricks for More Organized Bedroom Decoration

It is a common thing that bedroom has a messy and cluttered situation. Such stuff is a general issue of many people regardless of things that they have done to try organizes their bedroom. A bedroom should be well organized to be relaxing as a right place to have ...

1 year ago Marianne Hausmann


Modern Module Kitchen: Make Your Cooking Fun

Many people love cooking. Cooking can be one of many fun activities that people love to do. You can do cooking together when your friends come to home, or you can do some experiments of new recipes by yourself. Therefore, having a kitchen which is comfort and fun is ...

1 year ago Monica Himmler

Interior Design

Adding Rustic Touch to Get Coziness

Rustic style is related to cozy and soft, and that is all we need in fall. If you have a space with another style, you do not need to redesign the whole interior, but you just need to add some rustic touches to your space. Today, I would like ...

1 year ago Emma Honigsberg