Elegant and Casual Modular Longueville Landscape Sofa

Hello fellas! It is a good time to share some information about one of the comfy sofas in the world. Have you ever heard about Longueville Landscape couch? The Longueville Landscape sofa firstly come up in 1998 as a classic sofa. It has newly been modified by Jori. Do ...

3 weeks ago Monica Himmler

Interior Design

Modern Style House with Glass Facades and Spiral Core

Incorporating glass in the interior or even exterior design of residential houses is now a common thing. Well, it offers many benefits compared to other available materials. It is one of the easiest ways to get closer to the surrounding while also being perfectly safe inside at the same ...

3 weeks ago Gertrudis Eisenmann

Interior Design

Easy Ways to Reduce Noise of Interior in Open Layout Design

An open layout plan of an interior is the perfect way to maximize a tight space. It may come along with some good things although it has its setbacks as well. It is pretty inviting and welcoming to have some different areas grouped together in an open layout. More ...

3 weeks ago Erhard Feuerstein

Home Decor

Unique Design of Dusk Clock by Lu Yicong

The need for tracking time is pretty essential for so many people today. Unfortunately, the function of actual clocks may not be that crucial now since there are more sources of time today. Gadgets will have their clock feature to show time with many additional features so that people ...

3 weeks ago Marvin Reitter

Home Decor

Best Ways to Beautify Black Wall in Kids’ Room

It is known as friendly advice that kids’ room should not be dark. The use of vibrant and bold colors is recommended to make sure that kids love the room. Vibrant colors will also stimulate better responses from the kids when they are used in the bedroom for the ...

4 weeks ago Marianne Hausmann


The Unique Design of a Bookshelf with a Chair in It by Sou Fujimoto

Many unique furniture items can be found in the furniture and home furnishing market of today. Most of them will not just be having unique appearance though. They will offer unique features as well to ensure that practicality matter is there within the actual item. Those who love to ...

4 weeks ago Gertrudis Eisenmann


Unique House Design with Shipping Container Addition Above

A modern house can be incorporating almost anything into the design and the décor to boost its appeal. Thus there are many unique examples of a modern house with rather jaw-dropping features like nothing else. There is the so-called Clay House on a hill in the east of Bali ...

4 weeks ago Max Schott


Creating an Art Deco Style Bathroom at Ease

Art deco style is a pretty eye catchy décor to incorporate. It is all about visual arts inspired by the time before World War I in France. Certainly, it combines fine craftsmanship and rich materials alongside modern ideas back in the old days. Well, within interior décor today it ...

4 weeks ago Marlis Wendland

Interior Design

Making Home Office of Your Own

Do you like decorating a space by yourself? This time I will share you with a masculine home office. Working at home needs high comfort, concentration, and style, for sure. All of those things should be realized if you have a home office with some male touch. Besides choosing ...

4 weeks ago Heine Grau

Interior Design

Color Splashes and Artistic Artworks in a Modern Paris Home

A modern décor in any living space does not necessarily plain and less colorful. In fact, it is highly possible to add splashes of color in neutral based modern décor for the sake of getting the better appeal of the decoration. There is a rather colorful décor of a ...

4 weeks ago Siegmund Windischmann