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A Mirror and A Pendant in One Piece of Item Called Oblio

There are many modern pieces of furniture combine several different functions. Basically, the idea is to create a piece of furniture that can be delivering different purposes in just one form. It is needed to deal with the fact that today’s living places are getting tighter and tighter. Almost ...

3 months ago Ole Haselrieder

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Indoor Garden Design Inspired by Lego and Minecraft Blocks

Adding greenery to interior spaces is a clever way of bringing a fresher feel to the décor. It is true that potted plants and flowers have been popularly used in many living spaces to accentuate the décor as well as enhancing freshness of the space. Concerning this matter, there ...

3 months ago Monica Himmler

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Functional and Unique Hora Timelight with Natural Lights and Sounds

Incorporating natural elements within the modern interior is a clever and popular thing today. There are more and more homeowners have preferred to get more elements and aspects of nature within their interior spaces. Even the addition of nature sounds and ambiance could be beneficial in so many ways ...

3 months ago Adelmar Rommel

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A Winery Transformed into a Beautiful House in Red Mortar Finish

Altering and transforming old things to new ones has been a trend in the world of home design and interior décor. It includes the alteration of old furniture items as well as old buildings. One thing in common is that they will have a brand new look while their ...

4 months ago Walpurgis Hegeler

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The Proper Ways to Hang Decorative Wall Arts for Awesome Décor

Decorating walls can never be hard, or is it? Well, despite the fact that it seems like a simple thing to do, it is pretty much the opposite. Dealing with walls in the proper ways to make sure that the overall appeal of interior decoration looks nice is not ...

4 months ago Wanja Henzler

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Rocking Ideas in Using Vintage Cupboard in Any Décor

Incorporating vintage items in modern living spaces is a hot trend today. More and more homeowners have been incorporating classic stuff to get the better appeal of their interior. It is common even to repurpose old stuff so that they will remain highly practical while also adding more beauty ...

4 months ago Erhard Feuerstein

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Fun Ideas to Add Pineapple Themed Stuffs in Home Décor

Incorporating a fresh tropical touch an interior space could be fun, right? It can be closely associated with summertime when barbeques and outdoor naps, as well as tropical vacations, can be everything to enjoy. Surprisingly there are ways to bring those tropical vibes into the house by incorporating them ...

4 months ago Gerold Redlich

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Organizing and Decorating Ideas of Kids’ Playroom

A playroom full of toys and everything else that kids love to play with will surely be a beautiful spot. Creating a decent playroom for kids is not that easy task to do. It is pretty much similar to the idea of creating a good looking and comfortable nursery. ...

4 months ago Erhard Feuerstein

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Well Decorated Apartment in Beautiful Neutral Tones

A small apartment can be designed and appropriately decorated to look and feel spacious. Surely by dealing with the broad idea, there are many aspects to pay attention. The function is the primary focus when decorating an apartment. Small space means that all the primary needed features of living ...

4 months ago Gregor Wassermann

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Unique Lighting Collection by Hugo Tejada named Organica for Modern Spaces

Modern dwellings are commonly associated with uniqueness in many ways. The fact that modern houses have a calm and minimalist appeal means that anything placed there should be unique to catch the attention of anyone inside the space. Well, today there have been many great items in such unique ...

4 months ago Albrecht Schulhoff