The Pylon Metal Chair

Are you a person who are anti-mainstream? Are you a person who like something unique and extra ordinary? Are you a person who like to be looked different? Today’s topic will be a really good news for you who are looking for something different and extra ordinary. Are you ...

1 week ago Nick Lasch


Elegant and Casual Modular Longueville Landscape Sofa

Hello fellas! It is a good time to share some information about one of the comfy sofas in the world. Have you ever heard about Longueville Landscape couch? The Longueville Landscape sofa firstly come up in 1998 as a classic sofa. It has newly been modified by Jori. Do ...

2 weeks ago Monica Himmler


The Unique Design of a Bookshelf with a Chair in It by Sou Fujimoto

Many unique furniture items can be found in the furniture and home furnishing market of today. Most of them will not just be having unique appearance though. They will offer unique features as well to ensure that practicality matter is there within the actual item. Those who love to ...

2 weeks ago Gertrudis Eisenmann


Beautiful Stratified Colors Gradient of the Escape Furniture Collection

Playing with colors is one of many ways to create a beautiful appeal of anything. Furthermore, the addition of textures to accompany unique colors could be enhancing the overall appeal of anything at the end. The key is to do it correctly in mixing them. A collection of furniture ...

1 month ago Wolfram Schulberg


Modular Furniture of Movisi that Looks Like Pieces of Lego

Customization is always a thing that many people love to do. Things that can be customized easily upon their purchase will attract more people to buy. Obviously the benefit of customizing things as mentioned is to suit different needs of the things. Well, in term of furniture items some ...

1 month ago Wolfram Schulberg


Highly Functional Modular Latifolia Kitchen to Suit Different Needs

Within the trend of modern décor and design of residential houses, practicality is one of the most crucial matters to pay attention. It means that things are not just looking good anymore. They have to be highly functional in the easiest way possible to use it. Thus many items ...

1 month ago Siegmund Windischmann


NeverEnding Table in Round and Circular Design

Within the rapidly changing and developing an environment of interior décor and home design, the word unique is considered essential. It is perfectly true that there are many unique furniture items today to consider upon purchasing. Some of them may offer jaw-dropping designs that look like nothing else. Well, ...

1 month ago Gregor Wassermann


Beauty and Practicality of Modern Desk Lamps of Various Brands

A desk lamp is not just a functional piece of thing in term of lighting, but it is also a decent addition to any décor where it is placed. Thus many companies and designers are trying to create and produce unique looking table lamps that remain functional while also ...

1 month ago Marianne Hausmann


An Armchair with Pergola for Both Outdoor and Indoor Use

Ideas and inspirations can come from anything. Many people within creative industries have their sources and ways to get creative when needed. That is one crucial factor that makes so many original items out there today even about interior decoration. A favorite brand like IKEA has been successfully designed ...

1 month ago Lore Blumenthal


Porada Modular Collection of Wall Units of Storage Solution

Storage units of today are looking good since they will have their part in boosting the beauty of any space of their placement. Obviously then the design of modern storage solutions will not just be within that current scope. There have been unique options of storage units only as ...

1 month ago Wanja Henzler