Easy Ways to Refresh Bathroom Décor Instantly

Old bathroom could get the better of it just by doing little tricks in term of the decoration. There is no need to change everything actually to alter the appeal of an old bathroom. The fact that bathroom is small means that it could be a bit tricky to ...

1 month ago Monica Himmler


Art Deco Bathroom for Your Style

A style of visual arts, architecture, and design that first come up in France just before World War I is called art deco. It mixed modernist styles with excellent craftsmanship and luxurious materials. The bold geometric form of Cubism strongly influenced it. This style becomes our beloved style because ...

1 month ago Adelar Moritz


Creating an Art Deco Style Bathroom at Ease

Art deco style is a pretty eye catchy décor to incorporate. It is all about visual arts inspired by the time before World War I in France. Certainly, it combines fine craftsmanship and rich materials alongside modern ideas back in the old days. Well, within interior décor today it ...

2 months ago Marlis Wendland


How to Make Your Bathroom Glam

A bathroom in your house can be a favorite place because in the bathroom you can relax as well as wash off all of your problems and matters. Therefore, it is crucial for you to have a bathroom with right decoration and interior that can give you comfort and ...

4 months ago Anton Ehrlinger


Stylish and Inviting Feel of Modern Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom deserves better décor than just being a functional yet ugly looking space. Most people never really deal with bathroom décor properly. Most of the showers are only used to serve what people need daily without being adequately decorated to look beautiful. It is important to have a good ...

10 months ago Marianne Hausmann


Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

There are many styles of decoration that can beautify your space. There are vintage, rustic, industrial, modern, and many others. Vintage and rustic become very popular right now because these styles are unique. It is about old thing but unique. Yet, there are many people choose to have modern ...

10 months ago Wolfram Schulberg


Using Big Mirrors to Decorate Your Bathroom

Big mirrors in bathrooms are now on top of the decorating trend. That’s for two reasons. First, a mirror in a bathroom will turn an ordinary décor statement even in the most straightforward bathroom into a very cool piece and give a hotel nuance to space. Secondly, a mirror ...

12 months ago Wanja Henzler


Unique Bathtub Designs to Beautify Any Bathroom

A bathtub, as well as a shower, is definitely the focal point of decoration in any bathroom. That small space will not be having other elements as bold as either a bathtub or a shower.  Commonly the rest of the things inside a bathroom will just be accentuating the ...

1 year ago Wolfram Schulberg


Embracing the Beauty of Bathroom with Walls

Regarding the matter that bathrooms often have only limited space, dark colors including black are not recommended to be used in a bathroom. Dark colors will be bad for small space since it will make space feels and looks smaller. Nevertheless black is a timeless color to use in ...

1 year ago Fiona Untermann


Relaxing Atmosphere inside Glam Bathroom

It is true that a bathroom should be as relaxing as possible since it is the start of every day. Having a well-designed and decorated bathroom will be helpful to create the perfect mood for a beautiful day. So, the decoration of a shower should not be neglected and ...

1 year ago Erhard Feuerstein
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