Floral Pizzaro Dining Chair

A dining set furniture is an important thing in very dining space. Besides its function, the dining furniture also can give style to space and bring a kind of mood in your meal. Today I would like to talk about dining furniture, and this time is a dining chair. ...

3 months ago Adrian Lichtenfels

Interior Design

Cozy Wooden Mountain Cabin Named Big Pine

Spending a holiday in a natural wooden cabin is always a great idea. Located at hillside and close to Mother Nature will deliver the best feeling of enjoying a holiday. It will indeed be a great way to relax as well out of crowded daily routine in the city. ...

3 months ago Nick Lasch


Portable Speakers with Unique Design for Outdoor Activities

It has been a trend to go anywhere without leaving possible music files to enjoy at all times. Within decent outdoor spaces, there will always be certain times to enjoy the breeze as well as the warm sunlight really. A bit of music surely will probably be able to ...

3 months ago Max Schott


Unique and Comfortable House with Stone Fencing and Amazing Views of Pacific Ocean

There is no limit in designing a house that can be so unique in term of its appearance while pretty comfortable to live. Various materials can always be incorporated in the construction process to be able to deliver a great result at the end. The Creat+Think Design Studio of ...

3 months ago Marlis Wendland


Highly Functional Nightstands in Modern Design to Buy Today

The bedroom will always need to have nightstands to place and store certain things needed before going to bed and right after waking up. People will put books, a phone, glasses, wallet, or even keys on the nightstands. Today there are so many options of the nightstand to buy. ...

3 months ago Genoveva Hamburger

Interior Design

A Unique House That Displays the Mix of Concrete and Glass

The use of glass is very close to modern style decoration and design of any residential houses. Thus it is pretty standard for modern houses to have even glass walls like this one house in Switzerland. Well, this house by MLZD Architecture is made of concrete mostly with lots ...

3 months ago Gregor Wassermann

Interior Design

A Restored French Chateau Finished with Modern Furniture and Chic Appeal

Restoring old building is always a fun thing to do. Some original features may often be kept to bring it back to the old times while also creating a unique appeal of the décor. There is a newly renovated old chateau that looks just amazing. It has been given ...

3 months ago Marvin Reitter


Back Country House with New Zealand Huts Inspired Décor

Anything can always be the basic idea of designing and building a residential house. Furthermore, it is common today that traditional looking hose from the exterior offers modern and sophisticated furniture in its interior. So, the idea of having a traditional style residential house inspired by New Zealand huts ...

3 months ago Katarina Erdmann

Home Decor

Indoor Garden Design Inspired by Lego and Minecraft Blocks

Adding greenery to interior spaces is a clever way of bringing a fresher feel to the décor. It is true that potted plants and flowers have been popularly used in many living spaces to accentuate the décor as well as enhancing freshness of the space. Concerning this matter, there ...

3 months ago Monica Himmler

Interior Design

A Unique Eclectic Home, Get Inspired!

Unique home has a different point of view for people who see it. IIt can draw people’s attention from every detail it has. Some people loves houses because they can see more and more fantastic information by looking at them longer. Today’s topic is about one of the unique ...

3 months ago Adelmar Rommel
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