Coolest Collections of Outdoor Furniture for Any Outdoor Space Enhancement

Adding just the right pieces of furniture into an outdoor space will affect the area significantly. Both the look and the function of outdoor space can be maximized further away when the furniture items are the perfect one. Concerning that matter, these are some of the most refreshing options ...

5 months ago Heine Grau


Puzzles Inspired Ubik Furniture Items by Nexa Interiores

A furniture collection or a combo could offer a better functionality over individual pieces. It is common for designers and manufacturers to create a set if some items within a collection to make it easier for everyone to pick and use them. There is this highly functional furniture collection ...

5 months ago Ole Haselrieder

Interior Design

Beautifully Designed Stone Cabin as a Holiday Retreat

A holiday retreat should be designed and decorated properly to ensure that its guests get the best holiday experience ever. Regardless of the decoration style of any holiday retreat, it can always be done beautifully without compromising important functions of the building referring to the holiday itself. Wooden cabin ...

6 months ago Erhard Feuerstein


Unique Appeal and Bold Design of Polifemo Storage Cabinet

Today it is rather easy to find furniture items that are not just simple and functional but pretty much unique, anti-mainstream and irresistible. More and more creative designers created unique looking things to help people beautify their interior without compromising the functionality of the entire interior. Modern style décor ...

6 months ago Sophia Horkheimer


Adding Blue Nuance to Your Kitchen

Blue is a superb shade that can fit any space and any event. That’s why many people love this kind of color. Blue has become a favorite color for many designers and decorators to make their design of rooms and homes amazing. Such a color also fit many styles. ...

6 months ago Ole Haselrieder

Interior Design

The Tribeca Loft by Elizabeth Bolognino with Lots of Artwork to Admire

Bringing the beauty of artworks into interior decoration is not an everyday thing. It can still be awesome when artworks are the main theme of an interior. That is the thing inside the so-called Tribeca Loft designed by Elizabeth Bolognino. It certainly homes to an art collector since artworks ...

6 months ago Anton Ehrlinger


Outdoor Fire Bowls and Pits to Buy Right Now

Outdoor space will not be a decent one without a fireplace. It does not have to be a grand one made of stone though to be having a suitable outdoor atmosphere. There are many items of small or compact fire pits and bowls that can be the best way ...

6 months ago Max Schott

Interior Design

Ultra Violet Ready to Rock Your Space

It’s become an annual habit for Pantone agency to announce one or more colors of the year for numerous reasons. Based on their opinion, ultraviolet becomes the color of the upcoming year. We are coming at a bold, mood-boosting and cheery color.  It is not only about that. The ...

6 months ago Emma Honigsberg

Interior Design

A Stunning Gallery House Preserving Historical Elements

Renovating an old building is a common thing today so that it will be able to suit the needs of modern life of homeowners today. It could be a great idea to preserve some of the original features and elements of a building to avoid eliminating such historical aspects ...

6 months ago Wolfram Schulberg


Open Kitchen Ideas for Warm and Inviting Atmosphere

Handling a limited space in any interior is always tricky. When it comes to the kitchen, the perfect choice in dealing with limited space is to go for an open kitchen. An open kitchen is a kitchen that is integrated into other functional rooms. It is getting more and ...

6 months ago Sophia Horkheimer
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