Interior Design

Smart Ways to Add Grandfather’s Clock into Interior Decoration

Classic stuff has been a trend in interior decorating recently. More homeowners love to have classic items in their houses to create a timeless appeal and unique look at the same time. One of the classic items that can be incorporated into any décor easily is the so-called grandfather’s ...

8 months ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

Home Office in Feminine Touch

Feminine spaces are lovely! It’s smooth and soft, or thick and vibrant. They are stimulating us to get many inspiration every day in creating and designing. This time, we are going to discuss feminine home offices for you who like to work at home and need a cozy space ...

8 months ago Regina Grothmann

Interior Design

Industrial Accents Complete a Beautifully Designed Monochrome Interior

A simple interior décor in the monochromatic color scheme could be boosted further to look even better. Even the idea of the monochromatic color scheme itself is a decent one when done properly. There will not be boring atmosphere within the space when everything is just right. Yet some ...

8 months ago Adelmar Rommel


Enjoying Your Outdoor Activities with the Connect

Spring is coming! For those of you who miss sunshine and fresh air please raise your hand! No one can enjoy the spring without doing outdoor activities after struggling in winter and white for a long time. We are going to spend much time outside our house to enjoy ...

8 months ago Erhard Feuerstein

Interior Design

An Apartment in London in Luxurious Decoration Style

Luxurious style of décor for any interior is the right choice to bring a high end feel all over the interior space. Just as in any other style of interior décor, the so-called luxurious décor is not so easy to get done properly. Many aspects should be addressed to ...

8 months ago Siegmund Windischmann

Interior Design

Incorporating Glass Desks for Functional and Beautiful Home Offices

Modern style decoration of any interior space is highly popular today. Many furniture items and decorative elements are sought by homeowners to create modern spaces inside their houses. One of the most common ways that can be done to create a modern appeal in any interior space easily is ...

8 months ago Adelmar Rommel

Home Decor

Easy Ways of Organizing and Decorating Kids’ Playroom

A playroom full of toys and everything else that kids love to play with will surely be a nice spot. Yet, creating a decent playroom for kids is not that easy task to do. It is pretty much similar to the idea of creating a good looking and comfortable ...

8 months ago Regina Grothmann


Refresh Your Space by Incorporating Bold Upholstery

Freshen up any interior space is a decent way to alter the overall atmosphere within the area. It will not need many efforts, but the result will be satisfying. Many things can be done to do things like that in changing a little interior decoration without having to spend ...

9 months ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

A Perfect Combination of Modern and Mid-Century Style Decoration

Combining two styles of decoration within a single interior space is a common thing that many homeowners have tried to do nowadays. Obviously, the main idea behind such thing is to create a decent uniqueness of the overall appeal of the space. An example of different styles that can ...

9 months ago Adrian Lichtenfels

Interior Design

A Beautiful Retreat in Dark Tones of Boutique Style

Boutique style décor in combination with dark colors can easily create glamorous feel within the interior. Surprisingly an interior designer named Sue Miller of the Mad Cow Interiors is an enthusiast in texture, pattern, and color for interior decoration. She loves to combine them all to create a stunning ...

9 months ago Gertrudis Eisenmann
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