Interior Design

Modern Warn Alta Chalet in a Cold Winter

Many activities that can be done when winter is coming. You can make a snow angel, make ice war, and many more. Winter is also an excellent time to have a look at some beautiful chalets. Talking about beautiful cottages, today we are going to share you one outstanding ...

9 months ago Siegmund Windischmann

Interior Design

A Cave House in Modern Décor with a Gorgeous Ocean View to Enjoy

Transforming a rather old building will always be the fun yet the tricky thing to do. Yet it has been proven by Pitsou Kadem Architects that it is possible to have a decent result as its latest project in an old Jaffa house. It is located just south of ...

9 months ago Gerold Redlich

Interior Design

Perfect Mix of Glam and Lux in a Nordic Apartment Interior Decor

A highly creative person named Petra Tungarden designed her apartment to look impressive. The basic style of decoration is Nordic style although there are some twists to enjoy within the interior. Being a Metro fashion and home editor, a stylist, blogger and entrepreneur mean that she has the creativity ...

9 months ago Adelmar Rommel

Interior Design

Neutral Color Scheme Interior of a Beautiful Apartment

Small living space is commonly associated with the use of neutral tones. The main purpose is to make sure that space is visually larger. Well, that particular idea of a color scheme for a small space such as an apartment will look perfect with the so-called minimalist style of ...

9 months ago Adelar Moritz

Interior Design

Perfect Ideas to Have Black Walls in a Home Office

Creating a home office is a crucial matter especially for those who work at home. The right décor will boost the productivity when working at home. Meanwhile inappropriate ways of decorating may result in ugly looking décor as well as less productive days at home. Surprisingly the use of ...

9 months ago Fiona Untermann

Interior Design

Bringing a Barn Style to Your Home

Many of you may answer rustic, cosy, and charming if you are asked to describe a barn house. Not having a barn house does not mean you cannot have the style in your space. You can reproduce a fabulous barn-style interior by yourself. Here some inspiring ideas and some ...

9 months ago Marianne Hausmann

Interior Design

A Former Brewery Transformed into a Chic Apartment in Scandinavian Style

Repurposing old things to be completely different in both appeal and functional aspects is considerably common today. One of the reasons is that more and more people love to go classic and vintage in many ways. Some people may be very clever in changing old stuff into new things ...

9 months ago Wolfram Schulberg

Home Decor

Perfect Décor Ideas of House and Apartment for Trendy Appeal

Creating a beautiful looking interior for both house and apartment will not be the same. Some things will be helpful for a home while not that nice for an apartment. At the end of 2017, there were some decent ideas to follow in term of decoration tricks that will ...

10 months ago Monica Himmler


Best Options for Dog Homes for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

A dog is a common pet in many residential houses. It means that the comfort of the dog itself should be given attention. A proper dog home will be needed to ensure that the dog has all the support it needs to be happy at all times. Well, these ...

10 months ago Wolfram Schulberg


Stylish and Inviting Feel of Modern Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom deserves better décor than just being a functional yet ugly looking space. Most people never really deal with bathroom décor properly. Most of the showers are only used to serve what people need daily without being adequately decorated to look beautiful. It is important to have a good ...

10 months ago Marianne Hausmann
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