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Simple Ways to Create a Beautiful Mediterranean Décor

The so-called Mediterranean décor is somewhat chic looking and relaxing at the same time. It is quite popular today with more and more homeowners prefer this decoration style. It is timeless as well which will easily remind a joyful vacation on the coast somewhere. Furthermore, it can easily be ...

10 months ago Karina Dalman


Clever Ideas of Green Themed Kitchen Decoration

Green is known to be a relaxing and calming tone for any décor. Within various ideas of interior decoration, there will always be the shades of green alongside other colors. It is closely related to nature while also perfect for interior décor. A kitchen in green colors will surely ...

10 months ago Lore Blumenthal


Unique Technology of Color Changing in Color Flow Furniture

Technology will always be developed further and farther over the years. Many purposes are behind the invention of new things and techniques. New stuff may serve different purposes that at the end will make a better life of human being. Within the world of interior decoration and home furnishing, ...

11 months ago Genoveva Hamburger

Interior Design

Beautiful Vinyl Flooring Collection of Atra Floor with Tile Effects

Different materials of the floor will surely offer different characteristics as well as functions. Certain materials may well be preferred over other materials due to some benefits that no other materials can provide. It is important to choose floor material that can deliver more benefits compared to others. The ...

11 months ago Gerold Redlich

Home Decor

Complete Guides of Making a Great Entryway

The idea of decorating an entryway is to make it as welcoming as possible. Yet it may not be that simple and easy as just saying it. many factors and aspects to think about when assessing the entryway in decorating it. Aside from being the first spot to really ...

11 months ago Gerold Redlich

Interior Design

Parisian Apartment with an Amazing Central Island

Hello pals! In this great time, I would like to talk about a gorgeous apartment that may inspire you. It is a Paris apartment. This kind of dwelling is located inside a 1920s industrial building. It has been renovated and redesigned by SABO project. What makes this apartment is ...

11 months ago Gregor Wassermann


Unique Dining Tables for Your High-Mood Meals

The mood as you eat surprisingly will affect your digestive system.Therefore, it is essential to make your dining are as fun as possible to keep your spirit right. Although you do not have any beautiful view to be seen from your dining area, you can still make a lovely ...

11 months ago Monica Himmler

Home Decor

Unique Lamp Design Featuring Sunlight Imitation

Bringing the idea of nature into interior décor and furniture items is a common thing today. Many decent items have been inspired by nature so bring them into every style of interior decoration today. Well, in term of lighting fixtures there are so many available options to consider in ...

11 months ago Wanja Henzler

Home Decor

Livelier Your Space with Living Walls

Nowadays, many things are used as decoration to beautify houses and spaces. One of them is living walls. Living walls are very popular at this time to be an idea of honor. Living walls have a magic touch that can add unique style and make your space livelier freshly ...

11 months ago Marvin Reitter

Home Decor

Chic and Modern Apartment Décor in an Old Building of 1930s

It is quite a trend to renew old stuffs including old building as well. There are so many examples of old items that can either be completely restored or refurbished to look just amazingly nice. Surprisingly today even old buildings can be altered accordingly to be a completely new ...

11 months ago Adelar Moritz
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