Interior Design

Well-Decorated Home in Stylish Ways with Contrasting Colors

Creating a beautiful interior decoration in any interior space could be easy. The so-called contrasting effect is considerably popular in making a decent looking interior décor. This particular effect means that there will be clearly different elements in a décor that could really work together to create a nice ...

12 months ago Wolfram Schulberg

Interior Design

Minimalist yet Functional Apartment with Pretty Tight Space

It is a pretty wrong idea that a small apartment can never be that functional. An apartment that is considerably small can always be maximized in both its appearance and its function. There are only the proper things and ways needed to get the job done. This 32 square ...

12 months ago Adrian Lichtenfels


Small Nook Ideas for various Activities at Home

A house is the base of its owner. It should offer anything needed by its owner to do anything. Well, unfortunately, some people may not find that their house is providing what they need. That matter creates a feeling not to go home quickly right after finishing the daily ...

12 months ago Genoveva Hamburger

Home Decor

Filling Your Blank Wall with LIFX Tile

Having a blank wall make us confuse, sometimes. We sometimes think about adding some decoration to the blank wall in order to make it not boring. There are plenty of decoration choices that can be chosen. There are artworks, photographs, or even mirrors. Yet, sometimes those kind of choices ...

12 months ago Marlis Wendland

Interior Design

Three Levels of an Apartment in New York

An apartment can always be looking great regardless of how the interior is decorated and designed. It could be having different levels of a perfect unity and harmony just as the one in New York. It is the UWS Apartment that is there on the first floor of an ...

12 months ago Genoveva Hamburger

Interior Design

Neutral Color Scheme Interior of a Beautifully Designed Apartment

Small living space is commonly associated with the use of neutral tones. The main purpose is to make sure that space is visually larger. Well, that particular idea of a color scheme for a small space such as an apartment will look perfect with the so-called minimalist style of ...

12 months ago Adelar Moritz

Home Decor

Simple Hacks to Beautify IKEA Pax Wardrobe

Many products of IKEA are so popular that people love them. Within the options of wardrobe, there is the one model known as Pax. This model is a wardrobe in a simple design. It has the timeless characteristic as well to make it easy in using it within various ...

12 months ago Gertrudis Eisenmann


Outdoor Jacuzzi Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces will need certain things to be able to be maximized. Surely many elements could be added to any outdoor area with the purpose of maximizing its function and enjoyment. During summer in which that is the favorite time to spend most of the day outside, sunlight and ...

12 months ago Anouk

Home Decor

Clever Ways to Set Up Home Office for a Freelance

Working at home as a freelance means that there has to be a decent working space at home. It is important to be able to create a clear distinction of spaces at home when the work can be done at home. The main reason is that work matters should ...

12 months ago Karina Dalman

Interior Design

The Truss House in Industrial Theme with Bricks and Woods

Keeping old elements of an old building upon its renovation could often bring a decent result once the renovation is finished. It is exactly the thing to be found in the so-called truss House in Sydney. It has a kind of industrial flair of its past in which it ...

12 months ago Wolfram Schulberg
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