Interior Design

Designing and Organizing a Decent Playroom for the Kids

A playroom full of toys and everything else that kids love to play with will surely be a nice spot. Creating a decent playroom for kids is not that easy task to do. This is very similar to the idea of creating a beautiful and comfortable baby room. Things ...

1 year ago Ole Haselrieder

Interior Design

Cozy Interior of a Simple Wooden House

The use of wood in any interior décor can boost the coziness level of any space. When the entire interior space is made of wood then surely space will have the ultimate level of coziness to enjoy. This house named Wooden House is an example of it. The name ...

1 year ago Marvin Reitter

Interior Design

Modern Décor of a Paris Home with Color Splashes and Artworks

Modern décor in any living space does not necessarily plain and less colorful. It is highly possible to add splashes of color in neutral based modern décor for the sake of getting the better appeal of the decoration. There is a rather colorful décor of a modern home in ...

1 year ago Max Schott

Home Decor

Knit and Crochet Décor Items to Incorporate in Any Décor Style

Getting the interior warmer to embrace fall and winter times is purely essential. Aside from just preparing for the clothes to wear during those cold times, it is also important to set up the interior properly so that the heat inside the house could be maximized. So, there are ...

1 year ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

Enhancing White Rooms by Adding More Interests to the Décor

Interior decoration in white is recommended to deal with small space. It helps make s small space look bigger by reflecting the light. Any interior space done in white décor will look so bright and airy while also being timeless. It could be a bit boring at some points, ...

1 year ago Fiona Untermann


The Pack Sofa from Edra Features a Cozy Bear Back

A sofa is a furniture item that should be able to deliver the highest level of comfort upon its use. Concerning that matter, there have been many creative ideas and ways done by designers and manufacturers to be able to provide the ultimate comfort level of their sofas. Sometimes ...

1 year ago Max Schott

Interior Design

Wooden Slope House with Large Tree Inside

A house can be designed in any possible way to look unique without compromising its function at all. Thus it is true that creativity is among the key elements that should be there within any project of house designing and building. There is a unique house with lots of ...

1 year ago Genoveva Hamburger

Interior Design

Beautifully Designed Loft Finished in Warm Shades and Different Textures

The interior space can look very nice with various textures incorporated in it. Basically, the use of various materials could lead to different textures in an interior space. Surprisingly, different textures could work well in combination with the use of warm tones in a small space. A beautiful loft ...

1 year ago Regina Grothmann

Home Decor

Creative Ideas in Placing a Closet at Home

A closet is an item that will always be there in any residential house. It is pretty much needed to store clothes along with some other items together. It may well be affected by many factors though when trying to find just the right one as well as placing ...

1 year ago Erhard Feuerstein


Beautiful Modern Grills with Decent Functions to Try

Modern grills are not just functional but often look so unique and unusual. The design of the grill can even be adopting any available elements as long as it looks great and functions properly. Well, these are some of the best options of the modern grill with beautiful shape ...

1 year ago Heine Grau
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