Modular Children Furniture Collection from Alexander Seifert

A type of furniture items that can be transformed to perform other functions aside from their original functions is highly beneficial. The use of such items will greatly reduce the use of floor space in any interior space since one item could deliver multiple functions. Well, in the popular ...

1 year ago Marianne Hausmann

Living Room

Well Designed Open Floor Living Room with Abundant Lights

Ensuring that an interior space has lots of lights in it is crucial to creating a very bright and airy feel. It is quite essential to do such thing, especially when dealing with tight spaces. Commonly the ultimate solution is to have an open area for several different purposes. ...

1 year ago Regina Grothmann


Circulum Shelving Unit to Make the Most of Any Space

The modern dwelling will commonly need to deal with limited space in term of its floor surface. It means that not much of things can be placed right above the floor surface. Well, many furniture items will definitely need to be placed on the floor in which it could ...

1 year ago Marianne Hausmann


Using L-Shaped Benches in Outdoor Spaces for Practical Reasons

Specific items may well be better than the others in different areas when it comes to furniture pieces. Outdoor space will need a different set of furniture items compared to interior spaces. Moreover, when space is rather tight, practical reasons should be there in the first considerations to make. ...

1 year ago Franziska Breslauer

Interior Design

Diluted Color Scheme in an Apartment with Iconic Spiral Staircase

Having an iconic feature in an interior space is crucial to be able to boost the décor with ease. It can be said to be the focal point of the décor in which it will set the tone for the rest of the space. An apartment could be having ...

1 year ago Gerold Redlich


Easy Ways to Create an Ultimate Modern Outdoor Space

Outdoor space is a must to enjoy the outdoor season with just as many things as possible to do with everyone. It is possible that some people love to invite friends and neighbors to spend an afternoon together in outdoor terraces or patios and even pools. Well, It is ...

1 year ago Wanja Henzler

Interior Design

A Charming Urban Farmhouse

Hello good fellas! Are you looking for some ideas to determine your home style? Are you searching for the extraordinary one? Today’s topic will be a good news for you. In this great time, I am going to talk about an urban farmhouse which may inspire you. Let’s have ...

1 year ago Marvin Reitter

Home Decor

Space-Inspired Bathroom Mirror by Samuel Wilkinson

It is not that surprising today that there are even specific items that can be used to beautify a bathroom. It is true that today more homeowners start to pay attention to the décor of all areas in their houses. Even bathroom has its treatments to get the better ...

1 year ago Wanja Henzler


Some Inspiring Ideas of Modern Kitchen Designs for You

Modern style is related with chic and simplicity. This kind of style is done with elegant solutions and clean lines which many homeowners choose to have. For you who love this style and want to rock it to your home, today’s topic will be a good news for you ...

1 year ago Monica Himmler

Interior Design

How To Create a Chic Makeup Nook

Girls always do make up for sure. Therefore, they need a makeup nook. It can be the small or the large one. The size can be arranged depending on the space that they have. The makeup nook must be comfortable to be used, and girls should have everything they ...

1 year ago Albrecht Schulhoff
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