Interior Design

The Hoke House in Portland Oregon by Skylab Architecture

Designing a residential house is pretty much limitless thing to do. There is anything that can be used as the basic idea of the design just as this one house called Hoke House. Skylab Architecture that features angular design has just done this house. There is a cantilevered section ...

1 year ago Adelmar Rommel

Home Decor

Textural Décor in a Scandinavian Loft to Create Chilling and Comfortable Interior

Combining a rather neutral décor of Scandinavian style with some other contrasting stuff will always lead to a whole new appearance and atmosphere. Scandinavian style is definitely associated to the minimalist way in decorating interior space. It is calming and comforting so that many homeowners prefer this style when ...

1 year ago Heine Grau

Interior Design

Having a Great Style with Focal Point

The main focus this time is to make your room extraordinary because it is so interesting and without it, your room will look very boring and boring. This time, I would like to share you some fresh ideas to make your existing feature become shine and fabulous. Large windows ...

1 year ago Franziska Breslauer

Interior Design

A Black Wall for a Kid’s Room

If we talk about a kid’s room, it is usually done in some vivid color and very cheerful. Making a kid’s room in black shade is thought as a bad idea because black can make space gloomy. The fact that long ago or more, the timeless color of black ...

1 year ago Erhard Feuerstein

Home Decor

Best Designs of Modern Clock to Add to Any Room

Today’s clocks are more than just a device to tell time and to wake people up. It is true that even just a clock can be added to any interior décor to boost the appeal of the decoration instantly really. The term of the smart modern clock is pretty ...

1 year ago Wanja Henzler

Home Decor

Fun Summer Flair of Flamingo in Interior Decoration

Adding summer flair to any interior décor is considerably easy. Many things are associated with summer which can be incorporated into any décor. Surprisingly even flamingo themed stuff can be incorporated to boost summer flair in any interior. This particular bird can be considered to be a sexy one ...

1 year ago Gerold Redlich

Interior Design

A Modern Home with Industrial Touches and Pet-Friendly Features

Living space for human will always be different from that sanctuary for small animals. Well, even pets will need certain conditions to be able to be comfortable in a living space or a house of human. Thus it is true that there are some items related to home furnishing ...

1 year ago Walpurgis Hegeler

Home Decor

Trendy Decoration Ideas Using Shibori Fabric

Many things can be adopted and incorporated into the interior decoration matters. The use of fabric is one of many examples regarding that idea. Structures can be used in many ways to help create better decoration in any room. The types of fabric are so many that choosing the ...

1 year ago Marlis Wendland


Tips and Ideas for Wonderful Modern Bedrooms

Creating a beautiful bedroom by using modern design is simple. The modern design emphasizes simplicity alongside functions over anything else. The fact that it is getting more and more popular means that finding things to get it done will be easy. Basic colors, various textures, different combinations alongside attractive ...

1 year ago Walpurgis Hegeler

Home Decor

Wood Slice Decor Ideas for Your Christmas

Hello rustic lovers! Today I am gonna share the rustic wood slice. Many people prefer to have such a piece as the ornament in their dwelling and sometimes events or holiday parties. Here, I want to share some ideas of rustic decoration with Christmas theme that will rock your ...

1 year ago Hilda Abend
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