Living Room

Highlighting Your Living Room with Wood Walls

One of the best materials for house decoration is Wood since it is long lasting, comfy, chic, and give attractive point to any area. This time, we will talk about wood and living room. A wood wall can be a part that will grab your attention when you enter ...

1 year ago Marianne Hausmann

Interior Design

Beautiful and Comfortable Home Office with Floating Desks

Today’s trend within an interior design is to save space without compromising function and appeal. Many ways to accomplish saving space ideas such as using less furniture, going for functions of furniture, and incorporating floating furniture. The last option is mentioned with the unique option to consider. It offers ...

1 year ago Wanja Henzler


Bold Upholstery to Easily Refresh Any Interior Decoration

Freshen up any interior space is a decent way to alter the overall atmosphere within the area. It will not need many efforts but the result will clearly be satisfying. There are many things you can do to do things like that in changing a little interior decoration without ...

1 year ago Wanja Henzler

Home Decor

Nature Inspired Gadgets Charger Named Solar Suntree by Ryan McSorley

Going back to nature is a somewhat popular idea that many people are embracing at the moment. It means that there are many things in human life today that are inspired by nature. One of them is actually within the scope of technology with the possible idea of view ...

1 year ago Max Schott


Best Choices of Hammock for Comfortable Nap

Picking one of many options of the hammock to get the most comfortable outdoor nap could b a tricky thing. All of them look pretty much the same at a glance, right? Well, some of them may look slightly better in term of the appearance regardless of the comfort ...

1 year ago Erhard Feuerstein

Interior Design

Modern and Unique Design of Y House by Anonym Studio

Today it is easy to find unique looking house design amidst many houses in such ordinary style. More and more homeowners, as well as designers, prefer to have a rather different looking design of modern houses with the ultimate functions inside. So many examples of such type of house ...

1 year ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

A Unique Italian Country House with Living Vines Exterior Wall

Getting closer to the elements of nature can be in many ways. The most popular way that homeowners did in getting more and more elements of nature is by adding greeneries within their homes. It is true that there are greeneries and plants in various to incorporate accordingly for ...

1 year ago Heine Grau

Home Decor

Nature-Inspired High-Tech Lamp Design Named Light of Hope

Today it is undeniable that more nature-inspired things to find within the scope of interior decoration and house design. The fact that more and more people love to get closer to nature today is one of many reasons for nature-inspired things getting popular. Well, another thing about this matter ...

1 year ago Heine Grau

Interior Design

Highly Functional Apartment in Modern Design and Geo Patterns

Modern style interior décor is closely associated with the function. Many items in modern style décor will be highly functional while also being as helpful as possible in enhancing the décor itself. Furthermore in dealing with modern decoration of any interior today, adding color splashes is an optional thing ...

1 year ago Ole Haselrieder

Interior Design

Delirium Collection of IKEA Get Refreshed for Better Look

IKEA is a highly popular brand of furniture items. There are many great options for items in many of its collections to choose for any interior space. Amidst the popularity of IKEA and its products, there will always be some creativity to get the better look of IKEA products. ...

1 year ago Adelar Moritz
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