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Best Ways to Incorporate Leather in Interior Decoration

It is pretty standard actually to use leather in interior decoration. Of Couse faux leather is the recommended one to apply for this matter so that there will be no need to kill living animals for the leather. So, the leather itself is a pretty popular and versatile material ...

2 hours ago Marlis Wendland

Interior Design

Japandi Interior As a Design Idea

Japandi (some people said as Scandinese) is one of the newest décor trends at this time. Do you know about Japandi? Japandi was born of the mix of two styles; they are modern and rustic Scandinavian and traditional elegance of Japanese decoration. It is not a surprise if the ...

1 day ago Monica Himmler


Beautiful Modern Kitchen Design in Chic Style

Designing a kitchen in a chic style is highly possible. Today it is pretty easy to get inspirations regarding interior decoration even for a kitchen. Chic style is somewhat within the scope of modern design with the simple appeal as the key. It will be sleek, clean and elegant ...

2 days ago Franziska Breslauer

Home Decor

Smart Design of Metal Botanical Planter

Adding a touch of nature or more in any decoration is always a nice idea. It will easily refresh the overall look of the area as well as refresh the atmosphere. Furthermore it is actually easy to don in which so many options of planter, pot and vase can ...

3 days ago Emma Honigsberg


Art Deco Bathroom for Your Style

A style of visual arts, architecture, and design that first come up in France just before World War I is called art deco. It mixed modernist styles with excellent craftsmanship and luxurious materials. The bold geometric form of Cubism strongly influenced it. This style becomes our beloved style because ...

4 days ago Adelar Moritz

Home Decor

Modern Style Desk Lamps that Feature Function and Design at Its Best

A desk lamp is not just a functional piece of thing in term of lighting, but it is also a decent addition to any décor where it is placed. Thus many companies and designers are trying to create and produce unique looking table lamps that remain functional while also ...

5 days ago Albrecht Schulhoff

Interior Design

Peaceful Feel in a Nordic Apartment in Copenhagen Finished in Modern Flair

An apartment can be a peaceful spot when appropriately done within its décor and design. This one apartment in Copenhagen of Jan and Camilla is finished in a mix of modern and Nordic style. The result is surprisingly peaceful and calm apartment all over its corners. In term of ...

6 days ago Monica Himmler


Easy Ways to Tidy up Bedroom for Better Appeal

It is a common thing for a bedroom to be messy and cluttered. Well, that is a pretty general issue of many people. Usually, there will be many excuses and blames regarding a condition when the bedroom is not that organized and uncluttered. Surely a bedroom should be relaxing ...

1 week ago Adelmar Rommel

Interior Design

The Ultimately Inspiring Designs of Houses and Apartments of October 2017

Getting ideas to adopt in designing and decorating interior space is pretty simple since there are so many of them out there. Searching for the best designs of houses and apartments can always be helpful in finding just the right idea to adopt to beautify any indoor space. Within ...

1 week ago Karina Dalman


The Pylon Metal Chair

Are you a person who are anti-mainstream? Are you a person who like something unique and extra ordinary? Are you a person who like to be looked different? Today’s topic will be a really good news for you who are looking for something different and extra ordinary. Are you ...

1 week ago Nick Lasch