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Xanxan Shelf in a Modern and Dynamic Design of Shelving Unit

A shelving unit that will mainly provide storage spaces can surely be more than just functional. Modern furniture items are known popularly for their beauty alongside practicality. It means that the functional aspect of the items is there without compromising anything in term of the design and the appeal ...

3 weeks ago Franziska Breslauer


Best Choices of Outdoor Furniture Items from IKEA

It is not a secret anymore that IKEA is a highly popular brand in the scope of home furnishing and interior decoration. Well, it includes the thing of outdoor spaces as well since IKEA has some of the best options for outdoor furniture items as well. During the warm ...

3 weeks ago Gertrudis Eisenmann

Interior Design

An Inspiring Colorful Mid-Century Modern Home

Hello fellas! Still, want to get some ideas about a mid-century home? In this time, I would like to talk about a gorgeous home that may inspire you. Are you curious enough? Let’s have a look at it and get inspired! This neat house is located on a secluded ...

4 weeks ago Marlis Wendland

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Minimalist Décor Style in Soft Color Scheme of a Danish Apartment

There have been numerous apartments done in the most beautiful ways of decorating. The main thing to highlight is the fact that even an apartment which is a small space can still be decorated in gorgeous styles. Some people said that designers and even homeowners could be more creative ...

4 weeks ago Anton Ehrlinger

Interior Design

Wonderful Neutral Palette of Crescent H House in Wyoming to Embrace Mother Nature

Embracing the nature is always a great idea when it comes to house design and its interior decoration. A lot of ways to do so as a matter of fact. Many people have their views as homeowners to bring more natural touches at home while also getting everyone in ...

4 weeks ago Marlis Wendland

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Pin Lighting Collection by Designer Ichiro Iwasaki in Simple and Minimalist Appeal

Many homeowners today love to have their interior to be finished in minimalist style. Despite the minimalist look, it seems to be having its attraction compared to other styles of interior décor. The minimalist style is considered to be the perfect style for today’s houses and apartments in very ...

4 weeks ago Gregor Wassermann

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Gorgeous Look of Glamora Wall Covering in Various Options

Walls are definitely large parts of any interior space. Clearly, it is widely known that walls play an important part in determining the overall décor appeal of any interior space. The finish of walls can be in various options. Paint is definitely one of the most common ways to ...

4 weeks ago Fiona Untermann

Interior Design

Olson Forest Cabin, United with Nature

Having your time in a cabin in the middle of a forest is really relaxing because you can release your stress out. Therefore, it is very important to choose a cabin which is very comfy and relaxing. Today I would like to talk about a cabin which is really ...

4 weeks ago Gerold Redlich

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Surreal Design of a Lighting Collection from Child Studio of London

A unique element of items related to interior décor can be derived from anything. A new collection of lighting fixture from Child Studio from London is offering a decent illusion of movement as its primary display. This collection is considered to be having a surreal design all over it. ...

1 month ago Walpurgis Hegeler

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Unique Designs of Furniture Collection in Fast Food Style

Furniture items can be designed in any style and shape. There have been some unique ideas along the way within the vast world of interior decoration today. Bringing the old to the latest décor is considerably a decent trend of interior décor today. On the other hand, incorporating unique ...

1 month ago Monica Himmler